Pardon me, while I wine.

Allow me for a moment to be a wine snob. I admit that I lack the knowledge or tasting experience to be one, but it’s my blog so…


Red Renard and Blueberry Wine from Woodbury Vineyards


My senior year at SUNY Fredonia my friends and I did a fair amount of vineyard exploring. What makes vineyards fun? Wine tasting, of course. Sampling all the different wines and pretending like you know a little something is part of the vineyard experience.

While visiting Fredonia for alumni weekend, my fiancé and I took some time to check out a vineyard that is not too far from campus, Woodbury Vineyards. I was excited to bring my fiancé to his first wine tasting and pretend like I was a wine snob from my prior tasting experiences. Here’s where the whining, or “wineing,” comes in. Again, I fully admit I don’t have the experience to really judge this, and perhaps this is a new trend in wine tasting…but I was a little disappointed that I had to pay $2 each for the wine tasting, which was limited to eight wines. On top of that, they didn’t offer any sort of palate cleanser (snobby- I’m aware), not even between whites and reds. We managed, obviously, but there’s that.

The wines themselves were great. Evidently the market isn’t demanding dry wines, so they had a lot of moderately dry to sweet wines to taste. I’ve grown more fond of dry wines lately so I would’ve liked to try some at the vineyard, but sweet wines are great too. They had quite a few wines to select from, including the three we bought: Seaport Blush, Red Renard, and Blueberry Wine. The Seaport Blush is already gone, we paired it with a spaghetti “pie” for dinner and I was quite pleased. I intend on enjoying the Blueberry with cheesecake sometime soon, as the Web site suggests (click above link).

As for pricing, I have always been pleased with vineyard pricing and this experience wasn’t any different. The majority of the Woodbury wines were just less than $10, with some, like the Riesling, emerging above that range. Just like with everything else, when you buy direct from the producer the product is less expensive and better tasting.


Grape wine rack, holds four bottles


All in all, it was a successful wine outing. If you find yourself in Western NY and are looking for other vineyards to check out, I’ve been to these and would recommend them: Merritt Estate Winery, Double A Vineyards, and my personal favorite; Vetter Vineyards.


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