A rainy day “cuppycake”

Even though I knew it was supposed to rain all night, into the morning, it still is a downer to wake up and open the curtains to a drizzly day. Nonetheless, life must go on, so I turned on my computer and logged onto Facebook, because that’s what I do everyday (go ahead, judge).

I recently started “following” Coccadott’s Cake Shop after seeing their “cuppycake truck” downtown on the corner of Madison St and Lark St one night. I purchased a cupcake from their truck, which is reminiscent of your neighborhood ice cream truck, except that they sell AMAZING cupcakes and brownies. They have created and maintained a great Coccadott’s Cake Shop fan page and they often


My "Ducky Cuppy," safe from the rain thanks to Coccadott's packaging


appear on my newsfeed. This morning I saw, “Rain, rain go away. Come to Coccadott’s & pick up your lil’ one their very own Rubber Ducky Cuppy!!” Well, I don’t have a little one, but I love cupcakes regardless and my fiancé and I took a trip to 1179 Central Ave, where the shop is located.

This was the first time I had actually been to the shop, if you have never been you need to go. You walk in and it looks and smells like a bakery paradise. There are a few coolers for you to browse, one to the right with cookies and other items, a big one in the middle with beautiful cakes (which are very reasonably priced), and one to the left with cupcakes. While I knew I had gone for the Ducky Cuppy I had seen on Facebook, I did take a moment to browse the wide variety to make sure something else didn’t catch my eye. There were so many kinds and colors and flavors…it was overwhelming in an amazing way that I can’t describe.

In the end, I stuck with the duck and came home with my purchase. My fiancé got a chipwich (two chocolate chip cookies stuck together with delicious white frosting), which is a play off of the original Chipwich. His didn’t quite make the trip home (I guess that means he liked it), but I took a bite in the car. The cookies were perfect, as was the frosting in the middle. When I finally got home and got to indulge in my cupcake, it was well worth the wait and was sooooo tasty. The frosting is absolutely perfect, just sweet enough, as well as light, despite some problems Coccadott’s has been recently facing with trans fats (check out the story from “This Ordinary Citizen”).

All that remains of "Ducky Cuppy"

In the end, the Ducky Cuppy helped bring some cheer to my rainy day, and I highly suggest you trying the same sometime soon, regardless of the weather. Next time I need a cake for an occasion, I certainly know where to go.

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  1. #1 by Wade Abbott on October 16, 2010 - 1:15 AM

    Thanks for the mention today!

    I also saw Coccadott’s FB feed today with the “ducky cuppy.” Made me wish that I lived closer to Albany. Yum.

  2. #2 by Mom on October 16, 2010 - 7:52 PM

    It looked great~thanks for sharing your story.

  3. #3 by Kayla on January 23, 2011 - 4:43 AM

    Wade I went today to do this! I donated a winter coat and hoodie and got some vanilla cupcakes! They were amazing, of course.

    I loved that Rachel posted on Facebook asking for ideas (I pitched one myself) and then selected a winning idea that had such a great result. I also have worked with the Capital City Rescue Mission a lot through my assistantship and know what a great organization it is. Glad to see Coccadott’s using their social media power in such a great way.

  4. #4 by Wade Abbott on January 23, 2011 - 4:55 AM

    Somehow I’m not surprised that you made the trip and donation! Seems right in line with both your belief in helping others and your appreciation of good food.

  5. #5 by Kayla on January 23, 2011 - 9:52 PM

    Totally meant to post that on your wall, not mine. WordPress phone app isn’t perfect. Copying and pasting now…

  1. Heart-warming Cupcakes « This Ordinary Citizen

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