Ziplines+Pumpkins=Good times

While I’m posting about pumpkins here, I am doing so in regards to the jack-o-lantern world, rather than the food world. However, I did buy a “pie” pumpkin recently, so if anyone knows what the heck I do to transform a real pumpkin into a delicious pie, please help me out.

Ready to zip!

Engelke Farm is located in Troy, NY, about a half hour drive from Albany. This place immediately stuck out to me for one reason: ziplines into the pumpkin patch. Why would you go pumpkin picking any other way?

I went along with four other people to pick out our annual pumpkins for All Hallow’s Eve. Considering it was a beautiful afternoon in October, I was surprised that the place wasn’t packed. We had a very pleasant experience getting suited up into our harnesses and getting ready for take off. The staff was nice to us and got us going quickly.

It’s $10 to zip into the patch. This might seem a little high, but it involves two long lines that get you down near the pumpkin patch. You will just have to trust me that it was well worth it. You can also pay $25 to zip for an hour, but I didn’t see any other ziplines than the ones we were on, so I can’t say that I would recommend doing that.

Anyway, we zipped in, picked our pumpkins, and walked back up the hill to buy them. It was a simple and enjoyable way to spend a


Our animals were the theme this year


Sunday afternoon. They had some other activities at Engelke Farm, a corn maze, hay rides (haunted ones at night), a petting zoo, etc. They have a Facebook page if you want to check out the latest that they’ve got going on: Engelke Farm Facebook.

Check back for a pumpkin seed recipe, coming soon.


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