Rainbow Sprinkled Cannoli’s that would even make the Godfather smile

Sadly, last time I  tried to visit Di Gregorio’s it was closed. I haven’t heard about it relocating. 😦


When I Google search local bakeries  near my address I get really angry because one of the first things to show up is Dunkin’ Donuts. Ummmmm not exactly what I’m looking for.

Di Gregorio’s Bakery House

Upon further search, Di Gregorio’s Bakery House pops up. It’s address is technically 28 Maple Ave. in Albany, although the entrance is located off of Quail Street (almost where Quail meets New Scotland). I have been to Di Gregorio’s twice now; once for an emergency Italian bread run (yes, these kinds of emergencies happen to me) and once just stopping by to check it out. I used the bread to make a garlic bread loaf and found that it absorbed the butter perfectly and had just the right amount of crust crunch. The bread was good enough for me to forget its rather high price as well. However, this isn’t Di Gregorio’s fault, as explained in Bakers eat the rising costs of flour and butter on bizjournals.com/albany.

My recent stop was more for dessert pleasure. The bakery has quite an array of pastry items, from your basics to your Italian specialties. As a classic Italian bakehouse, they sell cannoli’s. Two kinds in fact, chocolate chip and rainbow sprinkles. I’m actually not a huge cannoli fan, but I was sold with the colorful sprinkles.

I actually really, really liked this cannoli. The filling is where it’s at with cannoli’s, and this filling was the perfect amount of sweet, but

Rainbow sprinkles are just wonderful

not too sweet, and creamy. The crust, which is fried pastry dough, was just a tad too crunchy (I made a huge mess in the car) but still very good.

If you’ve just finished The Godfather and just NEED a cannoli, or if you just want one regardless, check out Di Gregorio’s.


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  1. #1 by Sam on November 7, 2010 - 6:16 PM

    “Leave the gun… Take the Cannoli” – Peter Clemenza

  2. #2 by Kayla on November 7, 2010 - 6:27 PM

    I debated naming this post something to that effect, but it seemed too obvious a choice.

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