Pizza, beer, and football


Marisa's Place take-out menu


I admit I’m not an avid sports fan, but I enjoy the social aspect of getting together for a game. Last weekend I visited a friend who is a fan (WAR EAGLE) of the Auburn Tigers football team. I honestly don’t even remember who they played, but I know it was an important game. I do remember the pizza and beer.

The pizza was from Marisa’s Place at 5 New Karner Rd in Guilderland. I’d never heard of the place and was expecting standard pizza. While the pizza itself was good, I would still say it was pretty much the same Albany pizza. New York thin crust style, sweet sauce, crunchy crust. Where it differed was a unique kind of pizza that I had never had before: bruschetta. I really enjoy bruschetta and was pretty pumped about trying a variation with pizza. If you think about it, it really isn’t that ground breaking. Pizza has tomatoes and spices, bruschetta is essentially those two things as well.

The result? A tasty slice with enough spices that made it reminiscent of bruschetta while still


A slice and a beer


maintaining the quality of the pizza. Marisa’s Place isn’t the closest to my apartment, in fact there are probably 10+ places that are closer, but if I’m looking for a specialty pizza in the future I would consider making a little trip.

While I will leave the beer reviews to The Artist’s Quaff, I will say that the Erdinger Oktoberfest purchased at Westmere Beverage, which is one of two Albany branches of “Brew Crew,” was a nice German beer. It not only went with the pizza, but the football environment.


Bruschetta pizza pie



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  1. #1 by Jackie on November 16, 2010 - 6:03 PM

    That’s me, that’s me!! For the record it was a VERY important game. We played Georgia and clinched the SEC West title and will be playing South Carolina on Dec. 4 in Atlanta for the SEC Championship. If we win the next 2 games (SEC Champ included) we will be playing for the BCS National Championship in Glendale, AZ! (Knock on wood). War Eagle!!!!

    Marisa’s Pizza is pretty good–much better than Paesan’s, Bella Pronzo and Inferno, which are near my apt. The best I’ve ever had? No. But the best from my residential vicinity…so I’m sticking with them.

  2. #2 by Rob on November 17, 2010 - 2:56 PM

    Too bad they aren’t open at 4am when we need pizza the most. Remember? Remember??

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