Update of the Wine Update

We have slowly been trying the wine we made last February. We tried it, of course, when it first finished and I will admit it was…okay. It wasn’t a failure by any means, but it wasn’t wine that made me stop and go, “YEAHHH!”

We had our wine with a Portwine cheese from Price Chopper (the cheese wasn't that great)

Since then, we have opened a bottle or two, and it has been along the same lines, with a subtle upgrade in flavor. Last night was the first time we had tried it in over a month, and it was the first time I went, “YEAHHH!” The flavor has dramatically increased from when we first broke into the wine, and I imagine it will only get even better as it ages (because, well, it’s wine) since it has only been about three months.

While I am making wine, I am anything but a wine expert, so excuse my lack thereof wine language. That being said, our first few tastings were kind of boring. The wine is a hybrid, a shiraz merlot. I am not a huge fan of merlot but I really like the few shiraz wines I have had, so I was interested in seeing how our wine would taste and was a bit disappointed at first (although still really proud of the fact that I had made wine). During the final stage of making our wine we had the option of adding sweetener, but didn’t do it, wanting to experiment and see how our first wine would taste without it (and I also forgot to put it in, but that other reason is better).

This round of tasting was awesome. The wine is getting sweeter and a fruity taste has developed. Thankfully, when I say “sweeter” I’m not talking “sweet.” The wine is still very much of the merlot variety, but the sweetness has been a bonus for this wine. It also isn’t a dry wine, which I am thankful of. I guess we did a few things right along the way.

My fiance and I will let the wine age some more, tempting as it is. We have reserved 12 bottles of our first batch for our June 2012 wedding, so by then the wine should be perfect! We have given a few bottles to family and friends, and have about five left to try between now and June of next year. I’m planning on starting a new batch of wine this May, and am leaning toward a riesling, but I’ll keep you posted. 🙂


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  1. #1 by alicialegg on April 14, 2011 - 3:53 AM

    Well, that’s it! I am going to do it. This year, I am asking Santa for a wine making kit. Perhaps for my birthday which is sooner. It is so exciting to hear about your progress!

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