Pepper Jack’s (Albany, NY)

Garden Veggie Sub

If you’re looking for a decent sandwich in Albany, there are a few different places to try, but one I would recommend is Pepper Jack’s. They relocated fairly recently to 192 N. Allen St in Albany.They used to be on the corner of Western and Quail, which in my opinion was a better location in terms of my own personal convenience, but the new location is much nicer inside and they have done a great job with decorating.

The food is fast and convenient, but that doesn’t mean it loses out on flavor. You order at the counter and then they bring food to your table. So, it’s kind of a sit-down service (if there’s some technical dining lingo for this please share). Food comes out fresh and the menu has a wide variety of offerings, including a good selection of vegetarian food. In the past I’ve gotten the “fresh mozzerella panini,” which I’ve really enjoyed. On my most recent trip (motivated in part by a Living Social purchase) I was looking for something a little lighter and tried the “garden veggie wrap,” pictured left. I thought it was very good, the only thing I would change is perhaps a little less broccoli, but I’m not crazy about raw broccoli so that is probably why (cooked…bring it on).

Since we had the Living Social credit we also indulged with an appetizer, selecting the “jalapeno poppers.” They were good, pretty standard fried popper action I would say. A friend tried the “Buffalo chicken salad” and seemed to be pleased, although another friend ordered the “Cajun chicken salad,” and either it was crappy Cajun seasoning or he mistakenly was given Buffalo. Oops.

Only complaint from our visit came from someone who ordered “The Original Philly,” pictured below.

The Original Philly...?

I’m guessing if you’re a fan of Philly cheese steaks that you can see why there was disappointment from the sandwich pictured above. I was told it tasted like ground beef and it was like eating a crumbled hamburger in a sub roll. I’m not sure if this is what Pepper Jack’s cheese steaks are usually like, but if they are they do not come recommended.

Other than that hiccup in our visit, Pepper Jack’s was great as always. And if you like it when you try it, grab a punch card and after your 10th sandwich get the 11th free! 🙂

Buffalo Chicken Salad

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