Druthers (Saratoga Springs, NY)

My apologies on the delay of this post- I visited in mid-fall and we are now approaching Christmas. So, things may have changed a bit since I was there, but here was my take on Druthers…


Okay- Kayla, calm down. In a nutshell, here’s why I liked Druthers so much- a fun, relaxed atmosphere with a reasonably priced menu on Broadway in Saratoga. Saratoga?! YES. Weird, right?

Look like any other growlers in the area?

Look like any other growlers in the area?

Don’t get me wrong- I grew up about 20 minutes from Saratoga and absolutely love it. At the time I wanted to live there, until I moved to Albany and fell in love with it (I know we have our fair share of haters, but I am not one of them). As for Saratoga, I’m not so into horse racing but I love the city’s history and architecture. Strolling Broadway will always be one of my favorite things to do. I love many of the restaurants that are located both on and off Broadway, but realistically can’t afford to visit them that often. I’m a 20-something with student loan debt, recently married to a 20-something with even more student loan debt. Get it?

On to Druther’s- my husband and I met my mother for dinner, and I had heard Druthers was a recently opened place and worth checking out. We did struggle a little to find it (381 Broadway, by the way), it doesn’t have a building right on the street, but rather a gate. The illustration on the website homepage is accurate. As we entered we passed tables with heat lamps and despite it being a chilly October evening, there were people outside enjoying the tables and the GIANT projection of a football game. Druther’s utilizes the building next door as a screen to play games. Brilliant, in my opinion. If I lived closer I would definitely head there for a game with friends.

When you enter you are greeted by a handsome bar (yes- “handsome“) and tables, head to the right and toward the rear of the restaurant and you will dinner seating. I loved it all right away- a casual feeling that isn’t often found on Broadway, standard wooden tables and chairs that made me feel comfortable. Druthers “The Place” page offers a semi-annoying slide show if you’d like to get a glimpse.

Food & Drink

Going along the lines of the Pump Station and Brown’s, Druthers brews beer and let me tell you, it’s pretty damn good. I’m sure they have rotated beers by now, but I had a smoked hefeweizen that I still dream about. We liked it so much, in fact, that we bought a Druthers growler (pictured above) and immediately filled it up with it. When we got the growler, we remarked on how closely it resembled our growler from the Pump Station/Evans Ale. Turns out, the head brewer at Druthers is formerly from C.H. Evans Brewing Company. In other words, good beer almost guaranteed. I look forward to paying a visit sometime this winter and checking out their current selection.

Economically, Druthers is pretty mid-range. You can get a great meal for $12-15 and beer is well-priced as well. And compared to the restaurants that surround it, it’s very reasonable. A great opportunity for Saratoga, in my opinion. Fair prices, great place to go, awesome beer. On to the food…

Anyone that truly knows me knows my appreciation for all things cheese, so for dinner I ordered the cast iron mac & cheese. Druthers had already won me over with providing three different varieties of mac & cheese, and I went with the most basic version to see how it is. It has “house blended cheese” which I’m guessing contains Gouda due to the smoky flavoring. When I got my order, I was a bit overwhelmed (in a really good way)-

Just. Look. At. It.

Just. Look. At. It.

It was HUGE. This is cast iron mac & cheese made in a standard size mac cast iron pan, and could easily feed 2-3 people, I had plenty of leftovers. More importantly, it was absolutely delicious. The crust on top was perfect and the cheese was just the right amount of creamy. My husband ordered a burger, I honestly can’t remember which exact one, but he enjoyed it and it had this-

Sometimes (okay, most of the time for me), it's the little things.

Sometimes (okay, most of the time for me), it’s the little things.

THEY BRANDED IT. I’m sorry (no, I’m not)- but that is awesome.

So, not surprisingly, I would definitely recommend stopping by Druthers. For those who have been more recently than I, please share your own experiences. The place hasn’t been open too long, but I don’t foresee them struggling too much staying open. Wishing the owners and staff all the best.


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  1. #1 by Shelby Ward on August 18, 2015 - 7:04 PM

    Have you been to the Druthers that opened up in Albany a couple of months ago yet?

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