About Foodonia

Where’s “Foodonia?”

Well, nowhere, except in the WordPress world. My senior year at SUNY Fredonia I took a social media course that required students to start a blog. At the time, I was also starting up and hosting my college’s first cooking show. As a little play on our college hometown, I decided to name the show “Foodonia” and utilize my required blog to post recipes used on the show.

A Foodonia Evolution

After my required semester of blogging, I decided to keep with the blog for my show. I posted recipes that we used on the show. Then I graduated and posting went downhill. After about a year of random posting and lots of neglect, I decided to revamp the blog.

I expanded from simply posting my own recipes to writing about local food, shops/restaurants to hit up for good food, festivals…really anything related to food. I still occasionally post a recipe, but I find that I am personally much more interested in Foodonia now. If I’m more interested in what I’m writing then I would guess my readers are too.

About Me

I am not a professional chef nor have I had any sort of training in the cooking arena. I know nothing about really, truly critiquing food and totally admit that I’m an amateur. I like to say that I do not have training, but I do have taste buds. That being said, I think people will value an opinion that is on the same level playing field. I just like food, and so does everyone else. So, I’m going to tell you what I like, or do not like.

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