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Druthers (Saratoga Springs, NY)

My apologies on the delay of this post- I visited in mid-fall and we are now approaching Christmas. So, things may have changed a bit since I was there, but here was my take on Druthers… AWESOME. Okay- Kayla, calm down. In a nutshell, here’s why I liked Druthers so much- a fun, relaxed atmosphere […]

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What’s Missing in the Pine Hills

Before I even begin, I am well aware that the residents of Albany’s Pine Hills are very sensitive on the subject of their neighborhood. So, just take it easy for a moment- I’m not insulting the Pine Hills in any way. I lived right in the midst of the Pine Hills when I first moved […]

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Introducing: The Ugly Apple Cider Company (part 1)

Before you get your hopes up, there is not an actual Ugly Apple Cider Company, sorry. However, this is the affectionate name that my family has decided to give their home made hard apple cider. Does a better name exist? I think not. I spent part of a Fall (yes, this has been drafted for […]

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