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Druthers (Saratoga Springs, NY)

My apologies on the delay of this post- I visited in mid-fall and we are now approaching Christmas. So, things may have changed a bit since I was there, but here was my take on Druthers… AWESOME. Okay- Kayla, calm down. In a nutshell, here’s why I liked Druthers so much- a fun, relaxed atmosphere […]

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Indian Ladder Farms (Altamont, NY)

Last year I blogged about “Apple Pickin’ Time”,¬†and that time is upon us again. Actually, it’s almost mid-October and apple picking time is just about over, but thanks to an seasonably warm past week or so (*cough*globalwarming*cough*) the apple season seems to have been temporarily extended. So, I went this past Saturday to Indian Ladder […]

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Pepper Jack’s (Albany, NY)

If you’re looking for a decent sandwich in Albany, there are a few different places to try, but one I would recommend is Pepper Jack’s. They relocated fairly recently to 192 N. Allen St in Albany.They used to be on the corner of Western and Quail, which in my opinion was a better location in […]

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